At our hospital, we have dedicated hospital counselor providing variety of counselling services for our patients in out-patient or in-patient basis. Our hospital counselor are able to:

  • Listen to you. 
  • Help you see all the options to your problem. 
  • Talk to you through the depression and anxiety you are going through. 
  • Support you through difficult times. 
  • Help you to be in control of your. 


  • Counselling patients with psychiatric/psycho-social problems. 
  • Assisting patients to cope with general issues like marital problems, stress management, substance abuse, addictions, parenting problems, family problems, suicidal tendency, self-esteem problems, end of life issues, and disclosing critical diagnosis and poor prognosis. 
  • Counselling patients for treatment in coordination with the Consultant regarding their needs and requirements. 
  • Counselling patients traumatized by physical accidents and/or by their emotional impacts simultaneously, along with their medicinal treatments. 
  • Performing any other counselling services as referred by the physicians/Consultants from various departments. 
  • Bereavement counselling for terminal/ serious patients and their family members, as needed. 
  • Managing emotional unrest/instability of patient’s relatives to help them to be calm and stable in case of death of any patient. 
  • Providing psycho-education for doctors, nurses and other employees of our Hospital.
  • Conducting antenatal group counselling session. 


  • By contacting the counselor yourself at our 24/7 Hotline Number.
  • Referral from your doctor. 

You can contact our hospital counselors from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm every day.