Accident & Emergency


Super Medical Hospital (PVT) Ltd operates one of the best Accident & Emergency Center in Savar, providing services for trauma and non-trauma medical and surgical emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Super Medical Hospital (PVT) Ltd Accident & Emergency Center is conveniently located in level-1 of the hospital with a separate entrance. Fully equipped Center is staffed with full-time experienced physicians, nurses and paramedic team, who are specialized in all areas of Emergency Medicine. The Center provides a range of state-of-the-art equipment and technology for emergency management and support, as well as emergency access to other sub specialties and physicians. The Center is also supported by 24-hour imaging, laboratory and Blood Bank services. Life support equipped ambulances are on the go round-the-clock for emergency patients. There is an 8-bedded emergency observation ward to monitor patients’ responses to treatment, as well as four triage beds to determine the level of priority of patients. The Center is also equipped with an operating theater (OT) where emergency surgical procedures are performed, as well as a Chest Pain Observation Unit (CPOU) for management of patients experiencing chest pain.


To seek emergency treatment, please call the following numbers:

We are in Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Super Accident & Emergency Centre handles the following types of emergencies in coordination with relevant medical and surgical departments:

  • Medical emergencies; e.g. cardiac arrest, acute myocardiac attack, severe infections, asthma, coma, fits and stroke etc
  • Surgical emergencies; e.g. perforated gut, bleeding gastrointerstinal tract and pancreatitis etc
  • Orthopaedic emergencies; e.g. fractures, dislocations, spinal injuries and sports injuries etc


  • Ventilator and life support equipped ambulance services (2 Toyota and 2 Mercedes ICU ambulances) with trained paramedic team on site
  • Instant Life Support by Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Advanced Trauma Life Support Protocols
  • Round-the-clock support from trained, skilled and experienced doctors and nurses
  • Emergency operation theatre (OT) for surgeries and advanced anaesthesia support
  • Eight emergency beds, as well as four triage beds to determine the level of priority of patients
  • 24 hour holter monitoring and blood pressure monitoring
  • 24-hour Emergencyimaging and laboratory services and Blood Bank support
  • Emergency cardiac and neurological diagnostic tests, Echocardiography (ECG), EEG, EMG, etc.
  • Dedicated Chest Pain Observation Unit (CPOU)for management of patients experiencing chest pain.
  • Stroke management with effective Stroke Management Protocol
  • Chest pain and heart attack management with immediate and full cardiac support and transport to CCU, or if needed, direct transport to Cath Lab for cardiac catheterization procedures like stenting, pacemaker etc.
  • Skilled multidisciplinary Trauma Team
  • Paediatric emergency management
  • Immediate access to relevant specialties and on-call specialty physicians at all times

Other Facilities Include:

  • Exclusive entrance for emergency
  • Exclusive billing counter fro emergency
  • Waiting lounge for attendants


Hospital Emergency Codes are used in hospitals worldwide, including super medical, to alert the staff of various emergency situations. The use of codes is intended to convey essential information quickly and with the least misunderstanding to staff, while preventing stress or panic among visitors to the hospital. At our Hospitals, we are using nine Emergency Codes (coded by colour), each denoting a different emergency situation.

The following Emergency Codes are followed within us:

  • CODE BLUE : Cardiac Arrest
  • CODE RED : External Disaster
  • CODE BROWN : Fire
  • CODE PINK : Child Abduction
  • CODE GREY : Internal Disaster
  • CODE ORANGE : Medical Emergency
  • CODE YELLOW : Poly Trauma
  • CODE PURPLE : Patient Missing
  • CODE GOLD : Bomb Threat