Mohammad Baten Miah


I am extremely glad to welcome and felicitate to the visitors in the wake of one step forward to Super Medical Hospital (Pvt) Ltd.

I am really thankful to have been an employee of the hospital from the very beginning stage and since then it has been significantly promoted as recognition of it’s substantial medical health care services to the people in Svar and it’s neighboring localities. Philanthropic outlook of the founders to the human services, dedicated efforts of the expert physicians and above all relentless services of employees have made a drastic development of the hospital. The Honorable Founder and the Managing Director of the hospital have been contributing financially
and intellectually to bring about the best. Poor and vulnerable community have always been preferred to receive treatment from this hospital with affordability and at the same time this hospital has also been the best alternative to cure of all sorts of people. I believe the gradual progress of the hospital by the all-out contributions of human resources will be continued for the sake better care of the people.

I would like to thank Chairpersons, Managing Directors and representatives of different pharmaceuticals or companies for their respective contributions to the promotion of the hospital. I am expected to have a continued cooperation from you for eventual progress.