It was in effect a war field and like a battle injury syndrome Super Medical Hospital dedicated all its logistics, medical establishment and clinical skills to save life, following the tragic Rana Plaza tragedy of entire building collapse. The length of time between accident and admission in Super Medical Hospital post haste, the unbelievable length of time between rapid admission, care, medical attendance – including operations, blood donations, critical medical care, up to discharge, to observe the numbers, types and sites of injuries to the victims, medical measures of the victims and finally to observe the status of the victims at the time of discharge – all are still in the memory of the passionate world and the countrymen. There were several studies conducted on the rapid medical response of the Super Medical Hospital, mostly descriptive type of observational studies indicated the rare crisis-management of Super Medical Hospital during the tragedy and its bloody aftermath, spanning the victims of Rana Plaza tragedy during the period of Day-1, that is from April to October 2013.


Managing Director Mr. Md. Salim Raza reciving cheque from Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina due to the recognition of serving Rana Plaza Victim.

Emergency and Rapid Medical Response: Among the victims treated in different departments, more than 200 were admitted to the hospital on the first day of accident. Among the admitted patients totaling more than 300 were treated in neurosurgery, orthopedics, vascular and general surgery, medicine, gynae, ENT, Ophthalmology and other departments of Super Medical Hospital. The treatment also included for severe injuries, among others, Fracture and dislocation, Lacerated injury, abrasion, bruises, incised wound and punctured wound, Single and multiple injury, Lower and Upper limbs, head and necks, thorax and abdomen etc.