We have more then one Pharmacy for your emergency


Super Medical Hospital offers full service centralized out-patient and in-patient hospital pharmacies. Our Pharmacy is geared up to cater to the medication needs of our customers round-the-clock. Services are provided for all in-patients, as well as those patients served by our out-patient service departments and hospitals.

Super Medical Hospital’s Pharmacy is managed by competent and experienced pharmacists. Our pharmacy staffs are trained in counselling patients about the correct method of taking medicines. Generally, people have very little knowledge regarding proper use of medication. This lack of knowledge may become harmful as it may lead to aggravation of disease, more side effects, less compliance, and even increased cost of therapy. Various studies have shown that when patients discuss their therapy related problems and concerns with a drug expert (pharmacist), it resulted in increased compliance and better treatment outcomes. Several studies have shown that patient education programs by pharmacists had a tremendous impact on patient compliance, medication error rate and therapy outcome. It definitely helped in improving patients’ quality of life.


Super Medical Hospital is a trend setter in many ways in providing health care in Bangladesh. We have introduced many innovations for patient care and safety. Hospital formularies, though not an innovation, are considered standard practices that govern the hospital’s Medical Policies. Super Medical Hospital has also introduced the “Hospital Formulary” to guide our staff on the availability of medications. These drugs are approved by the Drug Committee and periodically reviewed.


  • Hospital has only generic prescriptions
  • We follow 100% “e-Prescriptions”
  • Screening of e-Prescriptions by pharmacist
  • Verification by two staff before dispensing
  • Proper identification of the patient through two identifiers


  • The “Crash Carts” with all life saving drugs and other items are located in all identified locations
  • Similarly, “Blue Bags” with other emergency items are available for easy access across the hospital
  • These, apart from the wards/units, have a designated “Floor Stock” of drugs


A unit dose drug distribution system is used throughout the hospital to reduce the possibility of medication errors.

Advantages of the System:

  • A reduction in the incidence of medication errors
  • A more efficient usage of pharmacy and nursing personnel, allowing for more direct patient care involvement by pharmacists and nurses
  • Improved overall drug control and drug use monitoring
  • More accurate patient billing for drugs
  • The elimination or minimization of drug credits


  • Super Medical Hospitals assures delivery of only genuine medicines to our customers, and we cater to an entire category of products in pharmacy, surgical, disposables, anti-cancer, life saving and general healthcare products
  • Medicines and other products are procured only from reputed and quality approved manufacturers
  • Due background quality checks, as well as site visits to the companies, are undertaken by the hospital management before including a product in the formulary


We stock drugs according to prescribed temperature standards, thereby retaining their quality and effectiveness on consumption.