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admission & payment


At our Hospital Savar, patients can be admitted as an in-patient either from out-patient department (OPD) or from Emergency.

  • After consultation with the patient in OPD, depending on patient’s condition and need, the Consultant may advice the patient for admission
  • In emergency cases, after primary evaluation, the patient might require admission in ward or ICU
  • In both cases, the hospital will provide you an Admission Notification Form

Our Emergency Department


Aside from giving you the Admission Notification Form, your Consultant will advice you on the treatment plan and expected length of hospital stay before admission. You are requested to arrange necessary financial requirement prior to your admission. Based on treatment plan and the expected length of hospital stay, the billing estimate can be collected from our Billing Executives. You can visit our Admission Desk for queries or information on admission process.


For admission, you should bring Admission Notification Form given to you from the Consultant’s desk when he advised admission and your UHID card. If the patient is under 15 years of age, please bring Birth Certificate. For foreign patients, please bring your passport. Corporate patients are required to produce the customized silver coloured corporate card at the Admission Desk for availing premium service. In case of emergency, the organization’s employee ID card may be accepted. For corporate clients having credit facility agreement with our Hospital Savar for in-patient service, LOA (letter of authorization) will be required from their organization to avail the same.


Registration for New Patients

For new patients, you need to first get a one-time registration and you will be issued a Unique Hospital Identification (UHID) number and card.

Admission Desk

Our Admission Desk provides 24-hour service. If you are getting admitted from out-patient consultation, on your arrival at the Admission Desk, you will be requested to provide some information, which will enable us to handle your case with better understanding and also to keep track for follow-up at a later date. This information is necessary and we appreciate your cooperation with our admission personnel. You are requested to give the correct information, as this may also help you in case of insurance claim.

Corporate patients are required to produce their customized silver coloured corporate card at the admission desk for availing premium service. In case of Emergency, organization’s employee ID card may be accepted. For corporate clients having credit facility agreement with Our Hospital Savar for in-patient service, LOA (letter of authorization) will be required from their organization to avail the same.

Bed Categories

You may choose from different categories of in-patient beds/rooms of the hospital, including standard, semi-private, private, deluxe, super deluxe, and suite. Beds/rooms are allotted depending on your choice and availability. We also have Day Care Unit for patients who have had out-patient procedures, as well ten specialized state-of-the-art Critical Care Units for management of critically ill patients.

Please link to the following categories to learn about our bed choices and facilities:

  • In-patient Facilities
  • Day Care Unit
  • Critical Care Units
  • Bed List & Charges
  • Duty Manager

Note: Room rent is inclusive of diet charge for patient. If you are availing deluxe/super deluxe rooms or suite, your attendant will also be served with complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Attendant & Visitor’s Pass

You will be given one Attendant Pass for your attendant to stay with you and two Visitors’ Pass for your well-wishers to visit you during the visiting hours. In case of admission in critical care unit, only one ICU Pass will be issued to your attendant. Patient’s attendant, who wishes to visit a patient in any critical care unit, will be required to collect a coupon from Emergency Billing Counter at Level 1 at a nominal cost. Upon submission of that coupon at the critical care unit gate, you’ll be provided an ICU access kit containing disposable protective wares to wear while entering the area.

Billing & Payment:

  • Depending upon the room requested and nature of the treatment planned for the patient, an initial deposit will be collected at the time of admission for which a receipt will be issued to you and this will be adjusted in your final bill. In the case of patients who are being admitted for any surgery/package service, the entire amount is payable at the time of admission.
  • We accept cash in local and foreign currencies, as well as credit cards. We do not, however, accept cheques. While the patient is admitted, at any point the updated provisional bill can be collected from our IP Billing Section at Level 1. Once your bill exceeds your deposit amount, you will be approached by our Billing Executives for further deposit. We request you to pay within 24 hours to avoid any future inconvenience.
  • Corporate Patients having in-patient credit agreement with the hospital, who cannot produce LOA (letter of authorization), will have to pay the initial deposit, which will be refunded subsequently upon producing the LOA.
  • For payments, you may contact our billing personnel at level-1 beside Admission Desk or at level 6 and 7 between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Payment should be made only to Billing Department personnel and not to any other individual.
  • For any clarification regarding billing, please contact Billing Manager at __________ Ext. _____ or 0171_________.
  • Admission timing:
    If admission is between 9:00 am to 12:00 noon, no extra charge will be applicable for previous day.
    If admission is between 6:00 am to 9:00 am, half day bed charge will be applicable for previous day.
    If admission is before 6:00 am, full day bed charge will be applicable for previous day. Grace time at admission is 3 hours.
  • Retaining Bed: When the patient is in a critical care unit, he/she is also allowed to retain a bed/room. However, the patient will be charged for double occupancy (Bed charge + critical care unit charges)
  • Bed Transfer: In the event of bed transfer during the course of treatment, the higher category bed charge will be applicable on the day of transfer. However, the charges for higher category will be applicable only if the patient has stayed more than 3 hours in the higher category.
  • OT Booking:On the evening before OT, an OT booking charge will have to be paid to ensure surgery next day. Please note, this is essential for prior planning and scheduling of operations in order.
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